Membership of engineering council of India

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    Membership of engineering council of India

    Dear Sir,

    Our engineering manufactured goods and engineering services, except in some small pockets, stand nowhere in the international arena. Our exports are going down continuously for quite some time now. Even our National Manufacturing base is in a contracting mode. The goal of achieving the status of a developed nation is simply not possible in the present environment.

    One of the main factors for this dismal state of affairs is the competence of the Indian Engineering Fraternity. Today the Indian Engineering Fraternity is low in self-esteem, low in technical competence, not updated in the latest technology and techniques. We are churning out more than 1.5 million engineers every year. Out of these a vast majority are not fit to be employed by the industry, as they simply cannot be used by the Industry. Further, the ones who do have the minimum skills at the time of graduation, after 5-10 years also become technically outdated. If we do not take immediate and urgent steps to reverse this trend, it may be possible that India, in the not-to-far future, may be categorized as a failed state.

    We, Engineers in India, as responsible Indian Citizens, can do something to reverse this trend. The solution is to put in place a screening process at the graduation level, to separate the chaff from the wheat. The unready ones should be advised to retrain themselves, acquire the basic skills and then again try to qualify. Further, the qualified ones should also be advised that their acceptance is subject to that they have to continuously keep upgrading their skills. The already placed ones also need to undergo the same process of periodic upgradation of skills.  This is the only way the Indian Engineering Fraternity can aspire to reach the desired level of stature. The most capable and right body, to promote and modulate these activities for a particular stream of engineering, is that discipline’s respective Professional Association, such as for software and IT by CSI, Material Science and Metallurgy by IIM etc etc. Some professional bodies have taken up on their level, but the effect is not tangible. To really make it felt and be effective across the length and breadth of the country, the activities need to be initiated and sustained at all levels, by all streams of Engineering in a uniform manner.


    Engineering Council of India (ECI) was formed in April 2002 by coming together of a large no. of professional associations/ institutions. Today ECI consists of 32 Member Associations/ Institutions representing all streams of Engineering. ECI has initiated the Registration of Professional Engineers, Associate Professional Engineers, Apprentice Engineers, Junior Apprentice Engineers and Student Engineers, jointly with the Member Associations on a voluntary basis. This registration process incorporates and sums up all the requisite steps enumerated above. Details can be had from ECI’s website

    I now request you as a very senior member of the Engineering Fraternity, to join whole heartedly in this campaign of Engineering Council of India, to bring our Indian Engineering Fraternity to a level where it’s might be rightfully accepted by the world.

    Your body is doing an exceptionally good job in your sector. However, there is an ample scope of further expansion. By joining this initiative, your body shall grow in stature as well as see substantial increase in membership and revenues. In this regard, I am attaching a write-up on the Registration Process and on the Continuous Development Program (CPD).

    In case any further clarification or explanation is required, it would be my pleasure to respond to it.

    I now eagerly look forward to hear from you.

    With best wishes and kind regards,

    B.R Jain


    Engineering Council of India

    812, Hemkunt Chambers,

    89, Nehru Place.

    New Delhi-110019

    Tel: 011-26283281, Mob:- 08750065714

    Encl: As above.

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